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About Me

I’m an atheist, from the Middle East. I can’t tell you where exactly I am, or what my name is because here people have a lot of faith. They may find it quite normal to kill someone who doesn’t believe in God, i.e. thinks differently, and talks about what he thinks.

I’ve talked to some other atheists around the world, and the thing that strikes me most is the fact that we are almost always followers of the Scientific Method. We only accept claims that are not paradoxical and provide some sort of verifiable scientific evidence. The God Hypothesis lacks both of these two features and that’s why we are atheists. Believers must know that our conflict has never been personal, at least not on the part of atheists.

While I’ve found many of ideas I’ve come across to be held already generally acceptable and verified by the scientific community, it seemed to me there were some ideas I’ve thought of that the rest of atheists haven’t noticed yet. These include some counter-arguments to some of the arguments believers usually use, and hypotheses explaining some observed phenomena usually concerting human behavior.

Although I am an ex-Muslim and Islam is my field of expertise, arguments I make are quite effective against other major religions as well because these religions share the same set of basic principles and assumptions and are susceptible to any fundamental argument regarding God.

I hope what I talk about here helps shed some light on many contradictions religions present to human societies as “fact”.


Atheitst’s Manifesto

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